An online community for spiritually disappointed, disenfranchised, and deconstructed followers of Jesus.

You are not alone.


You might be
spiritually homeless, if…


You still attend church regularly but find yourself emotionally and spiritually checked out.


You are no longer interested in church as entertainment and long for more.


You aren’t willing to vilify people that think, act, or look different than you.


You no longer call yourself an Evangelical because of the connotations that come with it.


You are seen by others as both too theologically conservative and too theologically liberal.


You want to actively care for the hurting, marginalized, and poor of your communities.


You are unwilling to compromise the values of your faith for political gain.


You know the American Church is only a small piece of the global Body of Christ.


You are more interested in healthy conversations than proving yourself right and others wrong.


You find both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice perspectives incomplete to the value of life in all forms and ages.

But you hold tight to these things…


You are still enamored by Jesus.  Your faith is anchored in Him, and you know you are broken and in need of a Savior.


You still need community.  You are not made to do life alone and you need other like-minded people alongside you for the journey.


You still need to grow spiritually.  Stagnation breeds cynicism and bitterness, but you want to be more like Jesus.


You still believe love is greater.  The love of Jesus through His followers is the only hope for our world and you want to show it well.


You still need to put your faith into action.  You do this by serving the world with your gifts, talents, and time to make a tangible impact.


You still need humility.  Your beliefs and opinions are your own and are not weapons to attack those that are different than you.

You may feel Spiritually Homeless,
but you are not alone.

We’ve had numerous conversations with Jesus followers who have walked away from the church. While the reasons may vary from story to story, nearly all of us wrestle with similar personal doubts.

Does anyone else feel this way?
Where do I go from here?
Who can I talk to?

If you’ve walked away from the local church completely, or begun to distance yourself from it, you can probably relate. You probably have these questions and more.  We know, we did.

Spiritually Homeless is for you. It’s an online community to help you process, heal, grow, and engage your faith in a safe place.

As a member of Spiritually Homeless, you’ll have access to a community of believers that are in-process just like you, specially curated resource guides, weekly growth & discussion topics, monthly faith challenges, and monthly Spiritually Homeless Podcasts with relevant faith and thought leaders.

When you Join Spiritually
HOmeless you’ll get access to…


Private Community Website & Mobile App

You will get access to the Members’ Community section of  Spiritually Homeless where you can share your story, engage conversations, ask questions, and join the weekly discussion topics. You’ll also be able to download an app directly to your phone or tablet if you’d rather interact using a mobile device.

Spiritually Homeless Field Guide Deep Dive

You will get access to the Members’ Community section of  Spiritually Homeless where you can share your story, engage conversations, ask questions, and join the weekly discussion topics. You’ll also be able to download an app directly to your phone or tablet if you’d rather interact using a mobile device.

Weekly topics & monthly challenges 

Each week we’ll dive into a specific “Weekly Topic” that’s relevant to the group and encouraging to personal spiritual growth.  Supplemental materials will be provided for application, study, and growth.  In addition, there will also be “Monthly Challenges” that create both friendly competition and personal growth through consistency and action.

Specialty Groups

Join a specialty group to engage in study of a specific book or topic together through Zoom or Google Hangouts.  These will be offered on a limited registration basis and offered either monthly or quarterly depending on the group.

Curated Resources

Resource & Media

You’ll get access to a specially curated list of books, podcasts, and blogs that are specific to the unique challenges and values of the Spiritually Homeless community.

Group Recommendations

Have you read or heard something recently that has been helpful to you in this journey?  Share it with the group and help us form an even more cohesive library of resources.

Spiritual Support

Small Group Personal Mentoring

As a member of the Spiritually Homeless community, you will have opportunities to register for small group spiritual mentoring conversations. These will be recurring video calls with a small group of 3-5 people in a similar stage of the Field Guide process.

1 on 1 calls

For conversations and pastoral care that would be best engaged through phone calls or video chat, we’re happy to schedule a call to walk alongside you well.

telehealth christian counseling
(Coming Soon)

Sometimes our challenges are best addressed by professional counselors that are trained to care for our hurts and struggles. We are working to procure some Jesus-centered counselors that will take telehealth counseling referrals directly from Spiritually Homeless.

PodCast (Coming Soon)

The Spiritually HOmeless Podcast

Each month (or more frequently) we will interview faith and community leaders with unique insight into an aspect of spiritual homelessness. You will get early access to the monthly Spiritually Homeless Podcast before it’s public release.  Each guest will also participate in a live Q&A in the Spiritually Homeless community each month after the podcast releases.

WHo We are…

We are an online community of believers that have experienced similar challenges and need a place to process and engage with like-minded people.

We are a group of Jesus followers that are disappointed and distanced from the modern Evangelical Church in America.

We have questions, concerns, and significant scriptural and theological issues with church as we know it.

We are a varied group across the political spectrum.  While we may land in different political views, we all understand that our faith must lead over our politics.

We are deeply convicted by Jesus to care for the least, the lost, the marginalized, the broken, and the poor of our world.

We are a hodge-podge of theological backgrounds – Charismatic, Reformed, Baptist, Arminian, etc… and find common ground and unity in Jesus. 

We are a group dedicated to respect and humility even in disagreement and will treat one another with kindness and grace to the best of our abilities.  Sometimes we will fail.  We will always show grace.

We understand that church-hurt hurts.  We are a safe space to heal and process your experiences and pain in a group of people who can relate.

WHo We are not…

We are not a digital church and this community is not meant to be a long-term replacement for participation in your local church.

We are not agnostic, de-converted, or unbelievers exploring faith.

While each of us has different experiences that have lead to this feeling, we are not anti-church or church bashers.  The Body of Christ is still worth it.

We are not a political meme factory and are not interested in simply mocking the flaws of those who think differently than we do.

We are not interested in being a people that simply says “Good luck, I’ll pray for you…” to the hurting of the world around us that we encounter.

We are not a debate group, and arguing the finer points of theology almost always distracts from the true mission of the church.  We will always default to Jesus.

We are not OK with the culturally accepted standards for conflict. People that disagree or think differently are not the enemy.  We will not vilify or attack others simply because they are different.

We know it can really suck to get hurt at church, but we focus on our own healing and growth, not bitterness or anger toward the other players involved.

are you ready to join the Spiritually Homeless Community?

Founding membership rates for Spiritually Homeless start at $15/month or $165/year (1 Mo Free).

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